Betting General

This section of our website is dedicated to general betting information and strategies. Individuals who are just getting started may find the information listed herein very enlightening. This page is a great place to begin and the resources listed here can act as foundational knowledge in which to build upon. More advanced bettors will also be able to find useful information. If you have general questions about betting this is the place to locate resources that will help you answer many of them. Take a look at the resources (books, guides and websites) we have compiled. They will help you increase your general betting knowledge.

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Betting General

  • Who are the Sharp Sports Bettors?

    Would you like to be a professional sports bettor? Is there such a thing? While this topic has been ongoing for ....more
  • When to Hedge

    Just about everyone is familiar with the concept of the hedge bet. In fact, this has becoming such a common idea that ....more
  • What is a Total Bet

    A total bet in sports betting is bet made on the total number of points scored by the teams combined. So you can ....more
  • What is a Teaser Bet?

    A teaser bet can be a fun bet to make and works similarly to a parlay. Teasers allow you to bet on a combination ....more
  • What is a Good Bonus?

    What is a Good Bonus?   A good sportsbook bonus will enable individuals to get more ‘bang for their ....more
  • What is “Sharp Money”?

    In the world of sports betting, a common phrase you will hear is "sharp money". Many new bettors and even a lot of long ....more
  • What is ‘buying points”?

    What is 'buying points"?   Buying points is an interesting concept in sports betting. So what is buying ....more
  • What are Props?

    What are Props?   With sports betting, a prop bet is made on an outcome of a certain statistic or event ....more
  • What are Parlays?

    What are Parlays?   For a chance to win real big money, parlay bets are the way to go. Now, in saying that, be ....more
  • What are Futures bets?

    What are Futures bets?   While Future bets are prominent throughout sports betting, they are not just limited ....more
  • Using Computer Ratings Systems in Sports Betting

    Betting on sports has always been part art, part science. Successful sports betting takes a feel for the game you’re ....more
  • The Math of Sports Betting

    On the surface, betting on sports seems pretty simple. You find a team that’s going to win, and you bet on them – ....more
  • Tennis Betting Strategy

    The fast action and athleticism of tennis make it one of the great spectator sports in the world. These factors also ....more
  • Teaser Strategy

    Even more so than the related parlay bets, teaser bets are often look at as sucker bets by those who bet on sports. But ....more
  • Sports Service Scams

    Sports Service Scams If you look around the Internet, you’ll find no shortage of sports services offering to do all ....more
  • Sports Betting Requires Research

    When you are betting on sports, the number one priority that you should have is: good solid research. It is difficult ....more
  • Sports Betting Money Management

    Do you find yourself draining your sportsbook bankroll again and again, even if the percentage of bets you win is very ....more
  • Sports Betting Bankroll Management

                    Sports betting can be an ....more
  • Should I Buy a Sports Betting System?

    Sports betting is a tough area to break into, at least if you want to do it successfully. It’s hard to devote the ....more
  • Shopping for the Best Odds

    Shopping for the Best Odds   Finding the best odds possible is very important for those looking to bet ....more
  • Shopping for the Best Line

    Many sports bettors spend a lot of time figuring out what sportsbook is their favorite. They compare how much juice the ....more
  • Point Spread Bets Overview

    Point Spread Bets Overview   Spread betting is betting on the outcome of the game based on accuracy. ....more
  • Picking the Right Sportsbook

    These days, there are a nearly unlimited number of online sportsbooks to pick from when choosing where to get your ....more
  • Parlay Betting Strategies

    One of the favorite bets for casual sports betting gamblers is the parlay bet. This bet allows a sports bettor to make ....more
  • Over / Unders (Totals) Overview

    Over / Unders (Totals) Overview   If you are a bettor that has a tough time selecting the winner of a game, ....more
  • Moneyline Bets Overview

    Moneyline Bets Overview   When you bet on the Moneyline in sports betting, most of the time you are risking a ....more
  • MMA Betting Strategy

    Mixed martial arts (MMA), led by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has become the premier fighting sport in the ....more
  • Making Prop Bets

    There’s no doubt about it: prop bets are by far the most enjoyable bets you’ll ever make in sports. They let you ....more
  • Live Betting Tips and Strategy

    Live Betting Tips and Strategy One of the most enjoyable – and often profitable – innovations in online sports ....more
  • Learn to Bet on Home Underdogs

    Learn to Bet on Home Underdogs   One of the best ways to become a profitable sports bettor is to bet on home ....more
  • Learn to Bet Against the Public

    One of the best tips in the sports betting world is to learn to bet against the public. This is easier said than ....more
  • How to Use Money Line Parlays

    One of the best tools a bettor can use is the money line parlay betting.  Money line parlays have two main ....more
  • How to Gather Information Before Placing Your Bet

    There are many different avenues through which you can gather information about certain teams before you make your ....more
  • How to Choose an Online Sportsbook

    How to Choose an Online Sportsbook   Choosing an online sportsbook can be a challenging experience. There ....more
  • How to Avoid Tilt in Sports Betting

    One word you hear a lot in all areas of gambling is tilt. Betting on sports is no different. Tilt in sports ....more
  • How Sportsbook Bonuses Work?

    How Sportsbook Bonuses Work?   Online betting is a huge business. New sportsbooks are starting up left ....more
  • Golf Betting Strategy

    While some people may find golf boring, it’s one of the world’s most popular individual spectator sports. ....more
  • Five Ways to Lose Your Sports Betting Bankroll

    Sports betting is one of the few forms of gambling where a smart gambler can have an edge over the house. By making ....more
  • Finding the Best Sportsbook Bonus

    Finding the Best Sportsbook Bonus   Online sportsbooks are becoming more and more popular to place ....more
  • Fading the Public

    One of the most popular betting strategies used by people trying to win at sports betting is to “fade the public.” ....more
  • Evaluating Public Perception

                      All sports bettors ....more
  • Boxing Betting Strategy

    The sweet science used to be one of the biggest and most popular sports in the world, both for spectators and gamblers. ....more
  • Betting on Sports is Addicting

    Ask Pete Rose. Betting on sports can be extremely addicting. Depending on your method and unit size, the addicting ....more
  • Bet at the Right Time

    When getting involved with sports betting, the first, and possibly the most important aspect is learning to bet at the ....more
  • Avoid Chasing Bets

    Chasing bets is a cardinal sin when it comes to sports betting. So what do we mean by chasing bets? Chasing a ....more
  • Art of Watching Line Movements

    Art of Watching Line Movements   There is an art to sports betting that involves a large amount of skill and ....more
  • Art of Buying Picks

    Some sports bettors don't have the time, skills, or desire to make their own picks when sports betting. These ....more
  • Alcohol and Sports Betting Don’t Mix

    Alcohol and Sports Betting Don't Mix   Because sports betting can be done from home, right on ones ....more
  • 4 Sports Betting Bankroll Mistakes

    There is a difference between being a good sports bettor and making money at sports betting. That difference has ....more

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