The Evolution of Craps

» Posted on 12 / 30 / 2015
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The Evolution of Craps
Craps has gone a long way into becoming what it is today. No one really knows where the game originated from but according to researchers it may even date back to 2600BC where traces of a dice game were found in Egypt. Another theory that is quite popular when it comes to Craps is that Craps was the offspring of the game called Hazard.
Craps History
The European nobilities were among the first who played the game of Hazard which was introduced into society during the 1700s. The French Louisiana colony of Arcadia was said to be the ones who brought Hazard into the Americas. In 1813, Hazard was simplified by Bernard de Mandeville and it was considered to be the early versions of craps today. This version of Hazard traveled further into the United States with the help of the steamboats. However, there was something wrong with this version of craps. It was said to be easily rigged by using fixed dices. This flaw was evident because of the rules that Mandeville created when he changed the game of Hazards.
John H. Winn, on the other hand, developed a new way to beat this problem and that was by giving the players the ability to bet either “right” or “wrong” on the new layout of the craps table. This includes the Don’t Pass bets as well. This solution was quite effective since it prevented a fixed dice to be used in the game thus opening craps to a whole new world.
There are other theories that claimed Craps was played by the Roman soldiers with the aid of the knuckle bones of a pig. The rules were somewhat different than what we are used to today. The soldiers used their shields as the surface to roll their dice.
Craps was also said to be played by soldiers during the Second World War. They play the game to help them pass the time. The game also graced the movie screens especially due to its rising popularity. Numerous movies include scenes shot in casinos where craps were being played.
In 1990, the popularity of craps declined due to the introduction of the slots games as well as other new casino games. The game hasn’t totally died out. Only recently has it shown signs of rising popularity especially now that new technology such as the internet is being used. Casinos are now re-introducing the game of craps and it is fast becoming popular just like the old days.
Online Craps
Online casinos are also offering craps in their game rooms. The interface of the game is much the same as the ones played in land based casinos, with the difference that you can play wherever you may be at the moment provided you have access to the internet. With the aid of online casinos, craps has become one of the most played games as of today. Online craps are also far more entertaining for some since they no longer need to travel far just to play.
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