3 Common Mistakes Of Playing Aces

» Posted on 01 / 2 / 2016
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3 Common Mistakes Of Playing Aces :

Pocket aces are the strongest hand in Texas Holdem to be dealt however it doesn’t stop poker players making big mistakes when playing them. Pocket aces are like any other poker hand and can be played in different ways given different variables. New poker players seem to make the same common mistakes when playing aces which can be easily solved with some discipline and basic poker strategy.

Slow Playing Pocket Aces Pre-Flop:

There is a time and a place for slow playing pocket aces and most situations in no limit Texas Holdem are not that time or that place. Poker players allow their opponents to get into hands too cheaply and get committed when having been drawn out on the flop. A poker player must make their opponents pay to see a flop if they are holding pocket aces. Letting poker opponents see a flop cheaply will result in the poker player getting outdrawn a lot more and losing a lot of value than if he had raised pre-flop.

Getting Too Committed:

Pocket aces aren’t invulnerable, and Texas Holdem poker players must realise this. Many poker players will not fold aces whatever happens in the pot. While aces should never be folded pre-flop post flop there are a number of situations that a player must let go of pocket aces. The more players in a pot the more likely an opponent is going to hit 2 pair or better on the flop. A poker player has to be good enough to admit when he’s beaten and fold. Though folding aces to the majority of boards is a mistake, if there is a dangerous board on the flop and a number of poker opponents still in the pot they should consider folding to a lot of action. A poker player facing a raise and then a re-raise could consider his pocket aces being beaten on a dangerous flop. Many Texas Holdem players know in their gut feeling that they are beaten with aces in a few situations but still refuse to fold. A good poker player saving a buy-in by folding pocket aces when he is beaten is the same as that poker player winning a buy-in.

Over Betting:

Some Texas Holdem players are very guilty of over betting pocket aces. This is the opposite of slow playing, over betting is when a online poker player bets more than there standard bet in order to try and build the pot to a larger amount. The problem with this is because it is higher than the normal raise a player might make they give away the strength of their hand to a savvy poker opponent. Other than this over betting tends to scare off opponents who might have otherwise made a costly mistake to a normal sized bet. Poker players are best served making a normal bet sized raise to disguise the true strength of their hand.

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