PLO heads up sit and go’s

» Posted on 12 / 29 / 2015
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PLO heads up sit and go’s

PLO heads up sit and go’s are very similar to that of no limit heads up sit and go’s in the sense of the pre-flop raise. If the blinds are at 10/20 and you have 1500 in front of you unless you have a rolled up hand like 3339, or any trips in the hole you should open the pot to 60. Applying constant pressure in PLO heads up will more times than not allow you to win the match. After the flop most of the time you should continue with 60-80 if there is 120 in the pot. The reason is that it will put pressure on your opponent, and allow you to collect fold equity. If your opponent tends to be checking then calling your bets and you are missing hands don’t take it to heart. You will always have to adjust to your opponent in heads up play and figure out ways to take their chips.
Sometimes if you are playing heads ups for a great deal of time you will find yourself either winning a bunch in a row or losing a bunch in a row. This has to do with the variance of the game, and most of the time not the play. If you feel you aren’t playing with a clear mind then heads ups are the not the best route for that day and especially not PLO heads ups. This type of heads up can be very tilting at times and can cause you to run through a lot of buy ins in a short period of time. If you feel that you are running through a lot of buy ins the best thing to do is take a break and evaluate your plays. If you feel you made the best plays in the situations you were put in then you should continue to play. If you don’t have a bankroll for PLO heads ups you can go broke a great deal of the time. So, also make sure you have at least 25 to 30 buy ins.
Playing a hand after a pre-flop three bet from the button can get you in to a tricky situation or have you drawing at a match win. If you have an equal chip stack to your opponent you should probably not be chasing a small pair in the hole. But, if you have 4 cards in a row such as 6789 you should be more prone to make the call and see the flop. With a hand like that clearly you want to see a low board and possibly two pair. Most of the time your opponent will only three bet with hands like AA or KK in the pocket, but what most amateur players don’t realize is that PLO is different from NL holdem. PLO is a drawing game and you want to play the suited connectors because if your opponent sees AA or KK without one of them being suited they really have no chance to improve their hand on the board and will be left with one pair. Cracking a big pair and seeing your opponent complain is quite humorous because they simply don’t understand that it takes more in a game like PLO to win then just sitting and waiting for big pairs. If you can see that also then you will become a winning heads up player.

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