Poker General

Poker is a great game. It is competitive, challenging and requires a substantial amount of skill. Individuals interested in improving their poker games will need to first commit to learning the basics and then building on that knowledge. Eventually, players will want to develop higher-level skills. This will involve learning more advanced poker strategy. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to read books on the subject. There are many guides online which promise to help readers elevate their games. The problem is determining which ones are good and which ones are not. We have made it easy for our readers by compiling some of the web’s best resources on the game of poker.

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Poker General

  • Winning at poker

    Winning at poker – the key ingredients   Winning in poker is entirely possible, but the inevitable fact ....more
  • Why Poker Players Should Consider Getting Staked

    Staking in poker is becoming increasingly more popular poker strategy around internet and live poker games. There ....more
  • Why Not To Be Results Orientated

    Poker is all about variance, variance is the swings that any online poker professional inevitably has. Often referred ....more
  • Top 5 handy tips to win online poker

    Plan the tournaments you play There are so many tournaments online, remembering the ones you have played is rather ....more
  • Top 5 handy tips to win online poker

    Plan the tournaments you play There are so many tournaments online, remembering the ones you have played is rather ....more
  • Three Kinds of Poker Variants

    Poker has indeed turned out to be one of the most popular card games of today. It has come a long way from way ....more
  • The Most Common Poker Tells

    One of the things that will truly help you boost your game is to watch for some tells. If you examine your ....more
  • The Importance of Table Position in Poker

    One of the things which people commonly underestimate when it comes to poker strategy is table position. The ....more
  • The Basics of Betting

    Betting is an integral part of the game of poker. You cannot play without placing a bet, and much of the ....more
  • Strategies in Online Poker

    Poker’s popularity has increased immensely over the passing of time. Now that the world relies heavily on the ....more
  • Strategies in Live Poker

    Poker is the most popular card game that has taken the world by storm. Nowadays, almost everybody plays poker ....more
  • Staking in Poker

    Staking in poker is common practice in today’s global poker scene. Many players might be surprised to hear that many ....more
  • Slow Playing Pocket Aces

    Slow Playing Pocket Aces: Slow playing aces really is a taboo of Texas holdem poker. Poker players see professionals ....more
  • Reinventing your poker game part 2

      Having hand histories is a big advantage Next step, and admittedly this is a controversial one, but since you ....more
  • Reinventing your poker game part 1

    Self-evaluate your poker game This 2-part article should be helpful to all those players who find themselves in need ....more
  • Reasons to Raise

    For newcomers in the game of poker, raising can be a rather intimidating action. After all, when you raise, you ....more
  • Reasons to Call in Poker

    There are times in poker when you have to take the middle route instead of the extremes. And to do this, you ....more
  • Qualities of a Good Poker Player

    Poker is a game that plays on the emotions, strengths, and weaknesses of a person. The type of poker player you ....more
  • Preflop Strategy in Poker

    Poker is a game of skill and strategy.   A part of it depends on luck, but it’s not a particularly large ....more
  • Poker Terminology: Part 2

    The more widely played a game is, the more specific terminologies it usually gathers. It is, therefore, pretty ....more
  • Poker Terminology: Part 1

    Players who continuously spout unfamiliar words and phrases are mainstays in every poker table. They talk as if ....more
  • Playing Aces In Position

    Poker players playing aces in position sometimes try to get tricky with their play. Though it is not untrue that tricky ....more
  • Online Poker Bankroll and Keeping it Healthy

    With the introduction of online poker games, the poker playing community has seem themselves having to monitor their ....more
  • Online Poker Advantages

    Online Poker Advantages   Here's a short summary on why I think online poker is a good advantage. ....more
  • Multi-Tabling part 3

    Multi-Tabling Part 3 – final preparations   Get your tilt under control! Ok so you decide to take the brave ....more
  • Multi-Tabling part 2

    Multi-Tabling Part 2 – Are you ready for it?   Take a look at the following 3 players’ 6-max stats, whose ....more
  • Multi-Tabling Part 1

    Multi-Tabling Part 1 – Introduction   Why play poker on the internet instead of a casino? One of the top ....more
  • Multi Tabling Advice

    Multi Tabling Advice Online poker has created a new thrill, multi tabling your games so that you are active on a ....more
  • Manners and Etiquette in Poker

    In life, one cannot avoid meeting jerks. Jerks are facts of life. They’re as real as cockroaches, and just ....more
  • Keeping it simple in poker

    Keeping it simple in poker   When starting to play poker, you will most likely play low-limit games. ....more

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