Razz Poker

Razz poker is similar to seven-card stud. The primary difference is that the low hand loses. Though each player is dealt 7 cards, only 5 are used to make the final hand. Razz is a game of skill and requires individuals to have a firm grasp on the rules and a focused and effective strategy. While a person can take their lumps and learn on the go, it is generally better to learn how to play correctly the first time around. Well-written books on the game can be quite helpful. Below, you will find numerous guides and websites, all compiled to either help you learn the game of Razz or build upon the skills you already possess.

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Razz Poker

  • Starting Strong in Razz

    The hands that you start with in Razz poker are very important to how successful you will be. Once you start to open up ....more
  • Simple Strategies for Razz

    There are tons of variations of poker. The most popular ones would be the ones that could be found in H.O.R.S.E., ....more
  • Razz Poker Online

    Razz Poker Online A lot of players have been expanding their game play into the Razz poker online field lately. Right ....more
  • How to play Razz Poker

    Razz is dealt in the same format as Seven Card Stud, but instead of trying to make a 5-card high hand, players attempt ....more

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