Betting Strategy

Having a proven and effective betting strategy will greatly improve your chances of making a return on your gambling investment. Without one, you may simply be throwing good money after bad. Individuals that gamble without a strategy typically have bad outcomes, including quickly burning through their bankroll, huge losses and shortened gambling sessions. Fortunately, learning various betting strategies is not incredibly difficult, though it will require a bit of know-how and some consistent practice in order to master. However, it can be accomplished if a person is committed to learning and utilizing good, proven strategy.

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Betting General

  • Who are the Sharp Sports Bettors?

    Would you like to be a professional sports bettor? Is there such a thing? While this topic has been ongoing for ....more
  • When to Hedge

    Just about everyone is familiar with the concept of the hedge bet. In fact, this has becoming such a common idea that ....more
  • What is a Total Bet

    A total bet in sports betting is bet made on the total number of points scored by the teams combined. So you can ....more
  • What is a Teaser Bet?

    A teaser bet can be a fun bet to make and works similarly to a parlay. Teasers allow you to bet on a combination ....more
  • What is a Good Bonus?

    What is a Good Bonus?   A good sportsbook bonus will enable individuals to get more ‘bang for their ....more
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  • Super Bowl Betting

    The NFL Super Bowl is one of the largest sporting events every single year. Most agree that the Super Bowl is the ....more
  • NFL Bye Week Betting Strategies

    NFL Bye Week Betting Strategies One thing that makes the NFL different than most major sports is how uniform ....more
  • Making Halftime Bets

    Making Halftime Bets You’ve done all of your research, and finally decided on the bets you like for today’s games. ....more
  • Football Betting Basics

    Football Betting Basics   Football betting remains one of the top forms of sports betting today. Many bettors ....more
  • Buying Points in NFL Football

    If you bet on football, you’ve probably seen an option to buy a half-point or more in exchange for slightly altered ....more
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  • WNBA Betting Tips

    Betting on the WNBA might sound like some sort of a joke. You almost definitely don’t watch the WNBA, you probably ....more
  • The Art of the Second Half Bet

    How many times have you thought to yourself “If I could only see the first few minutes to see what kind of attitude ....more
  • NBA Playoff Betting Strategy

    The NBA playoffs are an exciting time for most sports fans. The top teams step up their games in their quest to win an ....more
  • March Madness Betting

    March Madness is the best time of year for sports betting enthusiasts. The NCAA Men's basketball tournament is ....more
  • Final Four Betting

    Final Four Betting   One of the single most bet on sporting events is the NCAA Men's Basketball Final ....more
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  • Using Statistics for Baseball Betting

    If you enjoy doing research and analysis as a part of your sports betting, there’s no better sport for you than ....more
  • The Basics of Totals in Baseball

                    Baseball is notoriously ....more
  • How to Successfully Bet Baseball

    Baseball is a unique sport to wager on because it is different than most sports out there.  Unlike football or ....more
  • Baseball Betting Systems

    Baseball has been a popular sport to bet on for over a century. Over time, gamblers have come up with a number of ....more
  • Baseball Betting Strategies

    Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, and with a 162-game season that spans over six months, that means there’s ....more
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  • Hockey Betting – Goalies Matter

    If there’s one single factor that matters more than any other in hockey, it’s goaltending. A great goalie can carry ....more
  • Betting the NHL Playoffs

    There are few things in sports more exciting than the Stanley Cup playoffs. While hockey may not be nearly as popular ....more
  • Basic Hockey Betting Tips and Strategy

    Ice hockey is one of the world’s most popular winter sports, and while it may not be as big a draw as football, ....more
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  • NASCAR Betting 101

    While NASCAR may not be a sport that you’re intimately familiar with, it’s actually one of the easier sports to ....more
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  • World Cup Betting Strategy

    The World Cup is the world’s greatest sporting event. Every four years, 32 teams come together to determine which ....more
  • Soccer Betting Basics

    Soccer Betting Basics It used to be that the soccer betting basics were simple. You picked the team that you ....more
  • Home Field Advantage in Soccer

    Playing at home is an advantage in every sport, but it’s usually seen as a mild one. In American football or ....more
  • Basic Soccer Betting Tips

    Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and as such, there’s never a shortage of opportunities to make bets on ....more
  • Asian Handicaps Explained

    Asian Handicaps Explained The biggest difference between betting on soccer and betting on most other sports ....more
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