Poker Strategy

In order to be a great poker player, it is extremely important to follow a proven strategy. There have been a great number of books written on the subject, many by professional poker players. Finding a poker strategy that you are comfortable with and which is effective will be key in your development as a player. Individuals that fail to utilize a proper strategy will likely lose much more then they win. Because the goal is obviously to win money and not lose it, it goes without saying that a proven and effective poker strategy is very important. If you are interested in developing a winning poker strategy consider the resources listed below. Each of these will provide you with a tips and tricks to help you improve your poker game.

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Poker General

  • Winning at poker

    Winning at poker – the key ingredients   Winning in poker is entirely possible, but the inevitable fact ....more
  • Why Poker Players Should Consider Getting Staked

    Staking in poker is becoming increasingly more popular poker strategy around internet and live poker games. There ....more
  • Why Not To Be Results Orientated

    Poker is all about variance, variance is the swings that any online poker professional inevitably has. Often referred ....more
  • Top 5 handy tips to win online poker

    Plan the tournaments you play There are so many tournaments online, remembering the ones you have played is rather ....more
  • Top 5 handy tips to win online poker

    Plan the tournaments you play There are so many tournaments online, remembering the ones you have played is rather ....more
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Texas Holdem

  • Where To Watch High Stakes Texas Holdem

    High Stakes Texas Holdem is arguably the most exciting form of poker any keen poker fan can watch. With the potential ....more
  • Types Of Texas Holdem Poker Players

    When a poker player plays at a table he will be playing against many opponents with many different game types. Most of ....more
  • Types of opponents Part 4 – The Clever Lag

    Types of opponents Part 4 - The Clever Lag   Clever Loose Aggressive The wolf in the Tasmanian devil’s ....more
  • Types of opponents Part 3 Poor loose players

      Loose-passive   Not going away any time soon! The phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’ very much is ....more
  • Types of opponents Part 2 Tight players

    Tight Passive   Prepared to sit back and just let things happen Tight passive players don’t fare well in No ....more
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Omaha Poker

  • Starting Hands in PLO

    It’s not Hold Em Choosing which starting hands to play in Pot limit Omaha can be a tricky business. In Hold Em you ....more
  • Pre Flop Play in Pot limit Omaha

    - The big picture   Get the big picture before you play your poker hand There are a number of factors you ....more
  • Pot Limit Omaha Strategies

    The world of poker has gone through some serious improvements over the years. Today, there are loads of variations ....more
  • Position in Omaha

    Start with the advantage of position Position is important in Omaha for a number of reasons. Since the differences in ....more
  • PLO heads up sit and go’s

    PLO heads up sit and go’s are very similar to that of no limit heads up sit and go’s in the sense of the pre-flop ....more
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7 Card Stud

  • Seven Card Stud Strategies

    Seven Card Stud is one of the most popular variants of the standard poker. May it be the internet or the live card ....more
  • Seven card stud Poker

    Seven card stud Poker     7-card stud poker is played with two downcards and one upcard dealt before the ....more
  • Introduction to 7-card stud part 2

    Introduction to 7-card stud Part 2 – How to play   Third street Let’s play stud poker After the players ....more
  • Introduction to 7-card stud part 1

    Introduction to 7-card stud Part 1 – How 7-card stud poker compares to other poker varieties   Think Omaha ....more
  • How to play 7 card stud

      When it comes to choosing a game to play, Draw play is old school, 5- card stud is not really played, but ....more
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Horse Poker

  • LAG HORSE Strategy

    In HORSE it is a bit easier to be a loose aggressive player. The games are always changing and the hands are always ....more
  • HORSE Poker Strategy

    HORSE is probably the most skill based poker game around. This game entails multiple different poker games that the ....more
  • HORSE Poker Cash Games

    HORSE Poker Cash Games HORSE poker has become more and more popular in the last few years and actually has quite a few ....more
  • Horse Poker

    H.O.R.S.E   No, this isn’t horse betting. We’re talking about poker. H.O.R.S.E is a type of ....more
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Razz Poker

  • Starting Strong in Razz

    The hands that you start with in Razz poker are very important to how successful you will be. Once you start to open up ....more
  • Simple Strategies for Razz

    There are tons of variations of poker. The most popular ones would be the ones that could be found in H.O.R.S.E., ....more
  • Razz Poker Online

    Razz Poker Online A lot of players have been expanding their game play into the Razz poker online field lately. Right ....more
  • How to play Razz Poker

    Razz is dealt in the same format as Seven Card Stud, but instead of trying to make a 5-card high hand, players attempt ....more
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Straight Poker

  • Understanding Straight Poker

    Straight poker is a poker game that requires a lot of luck and bluffing skills. Unlike other forms of poker, you ....more
  • Straight Poker Reads

    Player tells and reads are very important in straight poker. Since you can never improve your hand you need to take ....more
  • Straight Poker Bluffing

    In straight poker you need to take the variance out of the game and develop a good bluffing skill or else the game is ....more
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Tournament Strategy

  • Turbo Tournaments Can Cost Your Dear

    Although the introduction of turbo based tournaments was based on creating a tournament that enabled players with ....more
  • Turbo tournament Sit and go

    Turbo tournament Sit and Go have a lot of variance and you should stay away from them without a proper bankroll. You ....more
  • The middle stage of tournaments

    The middle stage of tournaments is when you will be familiar with your table, and can start to pick up pots with ....more
  • Sit and Go Strategy

    Sit and Go (SNG) tournaments are becoming very popular within the poker industry both online and within live venues, ....more
  • Re-buy tournament strategy

    Re-buy tournament strategy is a unique one in that the main goal after the first hour of this style of tournament is to ....more
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